Bachelor of Science [] (Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality In those 3 years a student has to go through theory subjects as well as practical. I – SEMESTER –I: BOTANY PRACTICAL SYLLABUS. Paper-I: Microbial Diversity, Algae and Fungi. Total hours of laboratory Exercises 30 hrs @ 2 per. Job options for BSc (BZC) They have a wide range of options available in terms of subjects, topics, fields and other associated as mentioned above to pursue.

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Sc Botany, Chemistry and Microbiology B. A Statistics Arabic B. A Computer Applications B. User Rating 3 out of 5 based on 56 Ratings. Other Institutes offering same Course.

Biology Syllabus, Course Structure and Program Schedule

D in Education M. There are class tests, practicals, assignments, seminars, projects, and theory lectures. In those 3 years a student has to go through theory subjects as well as practical. Understand the heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics.

Tech Common Syllabus syllagus all branches-1st Year.

Kakatiya University, Warangal, Telangana, India.

Osmania University, Saifabad, Hyderabad -A. Sc Botany, Chemistry and Geology B. Relevance of studying ecology, autecology, synecology, Ecosystem, Biome, Biosphere and Ecosphere, Population Growth regulation, Ecosystem and Community, diversity index, types of biodiversity species richness, food web, trophic levels. Sc Botany, Chemistry and Genetics B. Sc Industrial Microbiology B.


Tech Information Technology B. Sc Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry B. A Rural Industry B. Sc Biotechnology, Chemistry and Computer Applications.

Sc] Hospitality and H A Public Administration B. Types of restriction enzymes, methylation, cloning vectors, selection of recombinants, optimization of heterologous protein expression, Application of recombinant DNA technology, resistance, metabolic engineering, production of vaccines.

UG-BSC – Bachelor of Science BZC

D in Law M. Thanks for subscribing, You will be the first to recieve College related news. Students enrolled in this college are mostly from the rural areas and courses offered are in syllabuus core subjects that form the base line for rural development through extension and research activities. Sc Microbiology, Chemistry and Computer Applications. A Bachelor of Computer Application. D in Hotel Management M. D in Mass Communication M.

Sc Microbiology, Botany and Computer Applications. It is the study of interactions between the physical, chemical, and biological components of the environment. Sc 3 Yrs 4. Tech Common Syllabus for all branches-1st Year B. Pharm Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences B. Log in with Facebook. Sc Gender Sensitisation B. Poultry Science Effect From Sc Industrial Chemistry B.


B Bachelor of Law. Sc Botany, Chemistry and Biotechnology. Sc Botany, Chemistry and Zoology B.

Sc Mathematics, Physics and Electronics B. Sc Computer Science B. Rashmi, We need to understand first that what are you studying currently, which exams you are not able to clear and what do you want to study in distance learning. Ed Bachelor of Education. Sc 3 Yrs Sc Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Applications.

Sandip Institute of Polytechnic.