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The cables can roll over and around the multimeter body three times, and with the test leads attached on the holster, the multimeter gains a clean look. Battery compartment On the battery cover, even if this multimeter does not have waterproof specifications, there is an o-ring that it would stop any liquid from getting in it, especially when it is out of the holster.

Read all reviews 1. By having the function generator at hand I managed to perform one relatively interesting test, the purpose of the Low Pass filter are to eliminate high frequencies above the 1 KHz mark, but does it? The idea behind this experiment is to force the Low Pass filter to eliminate all those 7V, because it would see it as interference, or in a simplified description, as the enemy that this filter is designed to eliminate.

Personally I would expect the bar graph to was capable to indicate the working range too, the markings like 0 to 5V remains unchanged no matter if you measure 5 or Volts. Other than the prefect behaviour of the BM I managed to verify too that my other industrial multimeter’s were spot on.

The company describes this fact as: When the 9V battery reaches the bryen acceptable limit that is 5V at 20mA load, the BM it will reject the battery, and it will lock up displaying InErr on the main LCD, and it will keep beeping all the brymmen.

In order to test the fast response of the bar graph, I have use my reference 10V DC source, and I was just playing around with the on-off switch, the human eye is unable to catch the movement of the extending segments at this speed on the BM The relative mode does not lock the auto-range.

In the Agilent have sort out this matter.

By looking the other models of BRYMEN it is visible that they do bbm869 wider range selectors is some bm69 them, and that makes BM to simply be an exception. The in depth review of the UA it worked for me as a school, and today I am very careful in what ever I write as opinion.

I am still praise the lord that Agilent came in my life, even by plain luck. Ok Go to shopping cart.


Additionally the fact that I am unsatisfied as consumer from the product suggestions coming from the distributors in Greece, which the majority distributes low priced outdated models, made me to step up forward with determination, so to start my own bbrymen about the discovery of the hideout, or better the answer in the question of where the modern instruments with good quality and acceptable pricing are hidden?

They eliminate the need to hold the test leads in place with your brymdn hands. Afterwards the meter needs to cool for 5 minutes. I am very satisfied with the meter.

Brymen BM869s Multimeter

What comes out as conclusion by my opinion are that the correct choice when it comes to choose a model of a multimeter, in relation with your true needs, is tremendously essential so to get the right tool for your type of work.

Relative mode With the BM I was had a major surprise in this mode. But if it was had an IP67, it would probably not be that affordable, or it would be slow as slow cow.

The UA looks to have the less aggressive filter, and rightfully it takes the third place in the specific mb869. The calibration on both was matching up to the last digit. This specific finding made me to add in my criteria about reviews in the future, three more parameters.

Even me that I own 10 multimeter’s today, I like to keep the BM for ever in my personal collection of tools. LCD Display The LCD display it is bright enough and easy to read from a distance, and even haves my favourite fonts style, I do dislike the rounded bulky fonts.

It is just impossible to make a wrong measurement due an half empty battery with the BM Part — 9 Front and rear covers body design. Probably one high quality soft case is all that it needs as extra, so to survive in outdoor use.

By having in mind that this multimeter it is not designed to be a standalone Data logger, I can not accuse the specific battery selection as insufficient.

Brymen BMs Multimeter, €

Due the fully adjustable back light timer which can be also disabled if needed. The infrared cable lock mechanism, makes me a bit sceptic about the robustness factor, I would feel much better if I was aware that there is spare parts availability about the BM, for example the plastics of the front and rear covers and bm89 a replacement holster.

Part — 9 Front and rear covers body design The BM is a brumen size multimeter and a bit wider than the usual, there in no chance to hide in itcounts and stay narrow, except if your name is Master magician Harry Houdini. The Infrared USB cable gets attached on the back of the BM, and in a special locking point, as soon it gets in place with allots of caution due the fact that this design requires half rotation with precision it is ready for action.


Yes you can find what ever product you wish in China, and at the price level that you wish too, but the faith about the quality of the product, it is not always there. Carton box — packaging The carton box is nicely printed, the bm689 of the company and the specifications are all over it. By attaching the Infrared USB cable on the bm8869, my first impression was that this design does b8m69 look that robust, but it is compact in size, and the cable gets out from the side which is a practical concept, even if the Infrared attached cable protrudes a bit, it is aloud the multimeter to be placed flat down, and does not forces you to use the tilt bail all the time like other designs do.

The BM at the Duty cycle measurement was tremendously fast, hrymen it was operating in a single display mode in the specific type of measurement, and this fact gave to it a significant advantage in speed.

The duration of my tests at those frequencies was limited to 10 to 20 seconds max. There is no such an answer. I am not aware if it stands as realistic in the world of metrology, but it is my personal best shot, as a simple Industrial electrician.

Brymen BMs multimeter

I will test and review this battery soon, and I will retest the BM about the Data logging duration with them. It was not made by the philosophy found on the very inexpensive multimeter’s, like be an extra rubberised cover.

I like to thanks Mr. With no force at all and just gentle moves, they perform nicely. It is specifically tailored to attach like a glove on the BM and have special inner points in all the perimeter of it, so to almost lock-on on the body of the multimeter. And how well it does that?

Could be an abandoned idea, or about a plan for another way of keeping the multimeter in position with out the specific holster. This could seem like insignificant detail, but it is an aid for some people and I do include my self too. Even with this dual display active all the time, it is found to be a tremendously fast meter.

The specific review have been originally posted in forums at December 15 and revised at June 9 In other words, the meter will intelligently avoid entering the APO mode when it is under normal measurements, that is quite Impressive!