Born into a Parsi family, Jamsetji was the first child and only son of Nusserwanji Tata. After graduating from Elphinstone College, Bombay (now Mumbai). If you flip through the pages of history known to the mankind, all the upheavals The man we are talking about here is none other than Jamsetji Tata the best. Jamshedji Tata was born to Nusserwanji and Jeevanbai Tata on 3 March in Navsari, a small town in South Gujarat. Nusserwanji Tata was.

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Jamsetji made arrangements with a German firm to carry out the electric work for his hotel at a cost of two annas a unit.

Jamsetji Tata, an Industrialist Biography, Famour For, Family & Wiki| Guide To Go

The Times of India. Such an elephantine task needed a good assistant. Dadabhai Naoroji and Pherozshah Mehta. Do not let things slide.

However, he always maintained that political freedom must be accompanied by economic self-sufficiency. Shareholders were disappointed and Jamsetji was left alone. Tata made many trips abroad, mainly to England, AmericaEurope, China, and Japan to establish branches for his father’s business. He was strongly influenced by their thinking.

Even the raw material was taken care of by the company and only a small portion of material collection was entrusted to small contractors. Another venture that never went through was that of water supply.

The man we are talking about here is none other than Jamsetji Tata … the best ever visionary, an astute jamestji, an earnest human being, an absolute impartial individual, the man who withheld the corrupt prevalent practices even in a county like India, the one jsmsetji refused to relent on the trying times and tribulations and above all the most generous spirit …India has ever had.


He bought a bankrupt oil mill at Chinchpokli in and converted it to a cotton ajmsetjiwhich he renamed as Alexandra Mill. He made sure that his employees were well trained, had hygienic living conditions and worked in good ventilated space.

Soon enough, two ships from Tata LinesAnnie Barrow and Lindisfarne, as well as two Japanese vessels were docked to start this new line. Impressed, Jadhav Rana granted these migrants all rights enjoyed by the indigenous subjects. His sister Jamsetki, through marriage to a Mumbai merchant, became mother of Shapurji Saklatvalawho Tata employed to successfully prospect for coal and iron ore in Bihar and Orissa.

When he first came from Navsari, most parts of the islands were covered with tides and mud; drains were choked and roads had filth up to two feet.

Jamsetji Tata Biography

We must conduct our business fairly, with honesty and transparency. And the credit for this benevolent and selfless vision goes to this man Jamsetji Tata, taya laid a rock solid foundation of ethics, moral values and meticulous way of functioning. He was never influenced by family or friends while choosing his workers. It is natural for any businessman to endow his wealth to his children, but for the Tatas it has never been about blood relations or family hierarchy.

The start of Abyssinian War brought back the demand and contract for Indian cotton industry as well as British-Indian Army.

He sold the mill two years later for a healthy profit.

Privacy Policy Manage Jamsetui. Tremendous praise was received from everywhere, but it was short lived. When he was 60, he was one of the most prominent men in India. See the events in life of Jamsetji Tata in Chronological Order. The Discovery Of America. Shortly after, Jamsetji also made a foray into Shanghai to further bolster the business of cotton, silk, tea and medicinal opiates.

Spurred by a general despair caused by loss of sovereignty of Indian states, British brutalities against the indigenous populace, and systematic biogrpahy of traditional crafts by the colonials, Jamsetji resolved he would do extra efforts to alleviate the sufferings of the locals.


This is when Jamsetji spoke to him about his aims that had activated his life, and expressed his wish that the same be followed by his sons. Although Imperial University was an attractive name, some people did raise objection to it tatq after much speculation, the name Indian Institute of Science was finalized.

Jamsetji Tata

For quite some time now Jamsetji had been thinking about making an Institute of Science. In biographyy conference in Simla, it was suggested that preference should be given to science and technical field, while philosophical and educational branches should be left out.

Over the next thirty years till his death inJamsetji laid the foundations for the Tata Group as we know it today. An issue regarding his burial was raised as to mummify a body was against the Parsee religion. Blessed with an intuitive business sense and a sharp mind, he soon became a pioneering entrepreneur and founded his first venture, a trading concern in Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Jamsetji Tata – Wikipedia

Empress Mills also started a Gujarati school for the children of its employees. He brought Egyptian cotton seeds to India. It was a turbulent time to start a business as the Indian Rebellion of had just been suppressed by the British government. He noticed a dark area near Durg District on a colourful map he was presented.