Dhirubhai Ambani was born on December , at Chorwad, Junagadh in Gujarat, When he was 16 years old, he moved to Aden,Yemen. He started off as a. Who is Dhirubhai Ambani (full name: Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani)- profile and brief biography with factsheet. Also get educational qualification. Dhirubhai Ambani, (Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani), Indian industrialist (born Dec. 28, , Chorwad, Gujarat, India—died July 6, , Mumbai.

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An investigation by the Reserve Bank of India in the incident did not find any unethical or illegal acts or transactions committed by Reliance or its promoters. Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd.

Some began returning home to India, while some chose to settle in Britain. Ambani took his company public in Playing on his idea of establishing a manufacturing unit, he soon realized the same by setting up a textile mill in Naroda, Ahmedabad in Home List Blog Contact.

The Times of India. In the case of non-settlement, the Bulls demanded an “Unbadla” a penalty sum of Rs.

In an unauthorized biography of Dhirubhai Ambani, published in by Hamish McDonald with the title The Polyester Princeall his political and business conquests are outlined.

I will make heaps of money one day”. Later when I used to draft letters to ministers and senior officials during my early Bombay days, I used whole lot of quotations, phrases and impressive words from these two books. Besse acted as trading agents for a large number of European, American, African and Asian companies and dealt with all sorts of goods ranging from sugar, spices, food grains and textiles to office stationary, tools, machinery and petroleum products.


Mukesh Ambani

Gill Hafiz Mohamad Ibrahim H. In a few days he was in Bombay to board the ship to Aden. Retrieved 7 January ByReliance became huge and thriving, a stark contrast to its starting days.

Abmani now he had saved some money and was thinking of setting up some business of his own. He just could not miss the excitement of being in India in such tumultuous times.

Retrieved 6 July He is also the wealthiest person in the world outside North America and Europe. Raised in frugal living conditions, right from an early age, he was aware of the insufficiencies that ambaji family dealt with due to the meagre income of his father and large expenses. Critics dhrubhai that there were many other businessman in the country who were using more unfair and unethical practices but Goenka chose to target only Ambani and not the others.

Dihrubhai Ambani was born in a Modh baniya family to Hirachand Govardhandas Ambani and Jamanaben in the village of Chorwad in the district of Junagarh. Federation of Indian Automobile Association.



Stories of Life Under the License Ambank. Dhirubhai was the second son. InForbes named him one of the richest sports owners in the world. However, due to the ill health of his father and impoverished living condition of the family, bibbliography had to give up on his education and take up a job offered in Aden. InReliance Industries came up against a rights issue regarding partly convertible debentures.

Ramnikbhai has arranged a job for you in Aden. December 28 Thus, he moved back to India in and started exploring business opportunities in Bombay. Baldev Mahar 31 December at The Bear Cartel bought shares of Reliance from the market at higher price levels and it was also learnt that Dhirubhai Ambani himself supplied those shares to the Bear Cartel and earned a healthy profit out of The Bear Cartel’s adventure.

As ofthe company has more thanemployees. Really wonderful information Thanks for sharing Dhirubhai Ambani was one of the sons of a village schoolteacher belonging to the Modh community, born in Chorwad Gujarat.

Retrieved 17 May