Tales of the Black Widow Company (Battletech) [Jordan K. Weisman] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A history of the Black Widow. Buy BATTLETECH Black Widow Company Lance: Grown-Up Toys – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. The Black Widows are striving to be the best cohesive unit in the game. We are Organized in a Para-Military manner, meaning we have rank.

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This involved taking and controlling all of the houses drop bays. Thank you Hikage Agent N.

I am continually impressed with your ability to do complex detail work by hand – this time especially with the spider webs. Your Tbolt cockpit is the best I’ve ever seen in all my years in this game. Mind telling Me what that missile tube is from? I make examples of them. In mid – we were over active members strong and a REAL force to be reckoned with.

Solaris while I was working as a guide for AOL. The infamous Black Widows were a semi-independent unit within the larger mercenary unit Wolf’s Dragoons, formed and led throughout its existence by Natasha Kerensky, the “Black Widow” up until the unit was dissolved in I arranged an acetone bath for it, and added over the cosmetic bits, like a new cabin, battleetch feets and shoulders.

Getting bored one night I instructed the Widows to do a full scale attack on house Laio. Views View Edit Edit source Battletecg.


Unit:Black Widow Company

This resulted in the House leader of Laio filing a complaint with the Devs saying that the Black Widows were disrupting the game. It looks sooo great! I outlined the unit with a Para-military structure and added Trials for advancement through the ranks.

This version of the multiplayer BattleTech computer game was available on AOL, and on Kesmai’s later named GameStorm game service between and The Black Widows are striving to be the best cohesive unit in the game. In Dread had an idea to split the growing ranks of the Black Widows in two separate fighting units BOTH with Natasha’s mech, making it appear she was in more places than possible.

Tales of the Black Widow Company

The others remain as always, impressive, but your mod work always steals the show. Natasha won the combat through dishonorable means. I don’t set an example for others. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. I did my Black Widows per the old info.

All I can say is WOW. Compsny got for him another mech with four thin barrels, like his Rifleman. That is an absolutely amazing T-Bolt!

Iron Wind Metals Online Store: Black Widow Company Lance

Go to red alert! When the Clan invasion begun inNatasha Kerensky left Wolf’s Dragoons and resumed her place among her fellow true-born Eidow warriors, eventually attaining the rank of Khan of Clan Wolf. Nightstalker Master Sergeant Posts: Star Colonel Rexor Kerensky: For years, the two units benefited from the shared name as no one knew they were really separate. That’s how the third edition box set came, they are molded in.


Masters of the void, and reapers of your souls befriend v. They do mention the Wolf Spider Battalion, spiritual heirs of the Black Widows, as being in black with red trim.

Referred to above is the new Mercenaries HB and shows compan of the 4 mechs you want to paint. And it’s worth noting that the new Classic images on the cover of Combat Manual: With companyy units people thought was one they were able to pull off some astounding victories which led to the batfletech fame and creation of the Black Widows Company, led by Dread, a unit within the Black Widows themselves. We focus on Tactics, Strategies, Formations, and Team work.

I lined the command lance with a light grey. Agree with the rest. Plastic Thor’s missile launcher and new cannon, lathed from plastic sprues. We are Organized in a Para-Military manner, meaning we have rank structure within the unit, and Trials For advancement.

Cergorach on 01 August ,