In one study, Word catheter treatment was successful in 26 of 30 cases (87%) of Bartholin cyst or abscess. Patients with an abscess often feel. Read about the different ways of treating a Bartholin’s cyst, including soaking it in warm water, incision and drainage, or surgically removing the Bartholin’s. J Prat Rev Gen Clin Ther. Jun 8;64(23) [Treatment of bartholinitis]. [ Article in Undetermined Language]. REYMOND JC. PMID: ; [Indexed.

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It’s possible for the silver nitrate to burn some of the skin of your vulva when it’s first used. National Institutes of Treatmdnt, MedlinePlus: Two small hemostats for grasping cyst wall. If it turns out to be a Bartholin’s cyst and it doesn’t bother you, it’s often better to leave it alone. While the catheter is in, you can go on with your normal activity. However, Bartholin’s gland abscesses tend to be polymicrobial, and empiric broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy should be used.

Bartholin’s glands greater vestibular glands are homologues of the Cowper’s glands bul-bourethral glands in males. After 2 or 3 days the silver nitrate and cyst remains are removed or may fall out on their own.

Bartholin’s Gland Cyst: Causes & Treatment –

Get immediate access, anytime, anywhere. The doctor will place stitches at the edge of the cyst to allow a small opening to form.


To see the full article, log in or purchase access. An asymptomatic cyst may require no treatment, 2 but symptomatic Bartholin’s duct cysts and gland abscesses require drainage. The glands sit on either side of the opening of the vagina. This operation is usually carried out under general anaesthetic and takes about an hour to complete.

Br J Clin Pract. This article was contributed by: Jul 1, Issue. Excision is not an office-based procedure. Ask questions about your medical history Perform a pelvic exam Take a sample of secretions from your vagina or cervix to test for a sexually transmitted infection Recommend a test of the mass biopsy to check for cancerous cells if you’re postmenopausal bqrtholinitis over The procedure can also be performed under general anesthesia.

Gradual involution of the Bartholin’s glands can occur by the treatmenh a woman reaches 30 years of age.

They may use a catheter or pack the abscess with a special type of gauze that they will then remove the next day.

Bartholin’s duct cysts, the most common cystic growths in the vulva, 45 occur in the labia majora. A review bartholintiis treatment of 53 cases.

The glands are located bilaterally at the base of the labia minora and drain through 2- to 2. Skip to main content. Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease that affects warm, moist areas of the body.

Bartholin’s Abscess

Bartholin’s cyst and abscess. It may be painless or slightly tender. Often a Bartholin’s cyst requires no treatment — especially if the cyst causes no signs or symptoms.


These common problems often can be resolved with the use of simple office-based procedures such as Word catheter placement for duct cysts or gland abscesses, and marsupialization for duct bartholinigis. Right Bartholinitsi cyst wall is everted and approximated to the edge of the vestibular mucosa with interrupted sutures.

A small, solid stick of silver nitrate is used in silver nitrate gland ablation. Tea tree oil is known for its antibacterial properties, which may help clear an infection.

Because the Bartholin’s glands usually shrink during menopause, a vulvar growth in a postmenopausal woman should be evaluated for malignancy, especially if the mass is irregular, nodular, and persistently indurated. Surgery to remove the affected Bartholin’s gland may be recommended if other treatments haven’t been bartholibitis and you have repeated Bartholin’s cysts or abscesses. Women of childbearing age are the most affected population.

Trdatment anesthesia in a hospital is also an option. Guide to Vaginal Lumps and Bumps. July 13, This article was contributed by: Rare; solitary, firm; arises from smooth muscle.

Information from references 411and Furthermore, incision and drainage may make later Word catheter placement or marsupialization difficult.