Barnbrook Bible, cover, Jonathan Barnbrook’s new book, Barnbrook Bible, ranks amongst the most ambitious personal projects undertaken by any. Buy Barnbrook Bible: The Graphic Design of Jonathan Barnbrook 01 by Jonathan Barnbrook, Kalle Lasn (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. The Barnbrook Bible has 27 ratings and 1 review. Eric said: A nice reminder of why I was initially drawn to graphic design and how I have betrayed these.

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Cranbrook Art Museum Published: I think this book will hopefully speak to a younger audience that may have become desensitized to world problems maybe due to information overload, or just a malaise of the times. Barnbrook’s design work is well done and regardless of his client, subject or scorn, he transforms messages into pleasing eyecandy. What caught my attention first about this book is that the cover has a very nicely hidden translation of the title in Arabic at the top right-hand corner, and it looks like a road signs commonly used in most Arab countries THAT’S revolutionary design, or at the very least it’s ingenious work that makes a real impact on people without baarnbrook to wrap itself in one iota of hyperbole.

I think its a decent piece of work, but hard to fit in a leftist political agenda, and not exactly ‘free’ work either.

It is a page monograph bursting with dazzling refinement. This iconography links Barnbrook to a traditionalist view of Englishness that is increasingly rare in multicultural Britain, and more commonly associated with reactionary conservatism. Mingchao Lin added it Jan 03, Punk Graphics, — It therefore invites judgement by more demanding criteria than barnbrooo it was just another design book.

Critics are necessary evils but can we leave the worst of them on the client side? As I said in an email to Jonathan himself, the Hirst book was enormously influential on graphic design trends, Adbusters, too. The notion that a critical practice vs.

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Instead, he chose to follow his own path of dogged opposition to everything he despises. I found the book to be a huge disappointment; I actually came away from it thinking LESS of Barnbrook’s work, not more. He produces finely tooled graphic wizardry that distinguishes him from all other graphic designers at work today.

I purchased this book about a week into the exhibition and had it sent to Australia. I admire Jonathan’s work because it is honest and human. I disagree with JR – it’s a senior graphic designer having a wank.

Barnbrook Bible « Barnbrook

This might be halfway acceptable if someone decided that it belonged in the art world, but even as something other than design, you are right, morphing mcDonald into barnbrookk is pretty much, well All are treated with sceptisism, subversion, and most importantly The work is utterly hollow, yet there are many who follow.

I love those words: I’ve seen some recent Cranbrook work that doesn’t move me in this same vein. Maja rated it it was amazing Mar 21, In other words, what clients pay for. Dismissing oppositional ideas as somehow ’90’s’ whenever a designer with a stunted imagination wants to trivialise or damn something he consigns it to a previous decade or ‘adolescent’, is utterly reactionary – now, more than ever, we need alternatives to the distraction and destruction. I should go out and buy his book as soon as I can.

Barnbrook Bible: A Graphic Autobiography

It will give you more to judge if anything. Note that the most negative and vehement responses include key phrases such as “wanker”, “rubbish”, and “bollocks”.

Barnbrook could have made piles of money, but forsook that pursuit, instead choosing to pursue his own dogged path in opposition to everything he despises. Urban Design Designers Commentators Books. I guess too much success can result in mass criticism, jealousy even?? To ask other readers questions about The Barnbrook Bibleplease sign up.


Barnbrook Bible: the Graphic Design of Jonathan Barnbrook

I quite enjoyed the book, but mainly hearing Jonathan’s direct thoughts, inspirations and rationales on his work. Published September 4th by Rizzoli first published August 1st Sure, there are a few tropes that he has used multiple times, but even a cursory glance at his work check out Why2K, or his Damien Hirst monographs reveals a designer who’s willing to do anything to make a point.

And the work has a similar lack of subtlety in terms of the message, making up for it with ornamentation and implied deeper biblw where none readily barnnbrook. He writes engagingly about font creation, his discovery of film-based work, and the conduct of the modern designer.

The book avoids a conventional structure; instead it is a fast-flowing river of textual and visual rhetoric. Lou rated it really liked it Jul 06, I have not seen the book or the Design Museum exhibit but I did place an order barnbrool the monograph on Amazon June An intelligent avoidance of cliche, or preaching.

A project like this could’ve been botched so easily by being badly over-politicized, under-aestheticized, blah blah blah. I am glad that Barnbook has been able to maintain such a consistency, intelligence and integrity in his vision of graphic design.

Joel Cage rated it liked it Jan 04, We should consider him a hero. Collaborate or Die Graphic design as ensemble performance. I have been to see the exhibition and had a brief look through the book.

I have no doubt Jonathan wonders about the very same thing. We discourage comments that are unnecessarily antagonistic.