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The sole glimpse about the Yma’s appearence is a single picture of their upper half by Barlowe. A full explanation of the Rules can be found here. Also, when I began to conceive the Sac-back, I was nearing the end barlowr my personal design odyssey and wanted to make sure that I had enough really odd creatures in the book.

The Yma are a sapient extraterrestrial civilization characterized by a strong sense of conservationism and protection towards alien ecologies. I really wanted this creature to be big and threatening, my version of what might have evolved along T-rex lines on another planet.

Retrieved from ” https: Upon encountering a rival, both Bladderhorns begin what can barloww be seen as an elaborate, if somewhat comical, ritualistic duel for dominance. There is also a series based on the book, done by the Discovery channel! Off-Topic Posting Anything not related to No Man’s Sky will be removed with the exception of art, literature, books, comics, games and other content that inspired or could have inspired No Man’s Sky. He does photos, sketches, etc. I really like the shapes and patterns on orcas and that admiration found its way into this piece.

There was criticism that while the descriptions of expwdition planets and life were interesting, they didn’t follow a believable evolutionary path. Even the feared Arrowtongues are vulnerable to its swooping attacks.

Memes that are original and in good faith will not be removed. Expedition is a science fiction and speculative fiction book by artist-author Wayne Douglas Barlowe. I remember being enthralled by the research expeditions abrlowe a primitive alien race and the exploration of a respective colony worlds.


Little else has been revealed about the Yma other than that their technology includes faster-than-light travel and their language is made out of whistles and harmonics, with rapid clicking sounds as their form of laughter.

Thus, they exhibit hexadactyly and possess two thumbs and four digits. Nothing like a bit of comic-relief in an otherwise savage eco-system. At each harem they will stop to either share their sack-stored food with their inert mates through their extended proboscises or mate with them in one of the more bizarre procreation rituals on the planet. That was unquestionably the spiritual underpinning of this piece.

Writing and illustrating a book about alien animals can be a tight-rope act. No question that I was thinking about elk here.


During mating season the chill air is rent with the sounds of their bugling, an eerie call created by the inflation an deflation of their antler-bladders. Barlowe Designed by Wayne D. Dark Mode I can’t expesition It was a future manual describing Earth’s colonies and the organisation in charge of immigration. Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles. I got the soft cover which is fine for me.

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Expedition by Wayne Barlowe

Advertising media, servers and merchandise is not acceptable. The Darwin IV expedition, which took place from throughresulted in the discovery of dozens of native species including a sapient although Paleolithic race known as the Eosapiens. Do keep in mind that if you are an active contributor to the community in the way of discussion, sharing your own videos etc is acceptable.

Ad Nauseam Please refrain from posting topics that have been vigorously discussed in the past. This page was last edited on 30 Juneat Bsrlowe the discovery of the Darwin Binary Systemthe Yma have been the main founders and developers of an Yma-Human joint mission to explore the environments of Darwin IVclosely but passively studying the native biosphere and taking extreme care to prevent unnecessary interfering with the native life.


To support the author, buy from here: Not that I was aware of the project, as such, at the time; I had simply set out to do an alien wildlife painting. The slightly pointy head has two nostrils at the top, covered by a transparent bladder. What could be odder than a blue, bipedal animal with antlers? You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. It’s not hard to find a digital scan.

Living exclusively in the dwindling pocket-forests of the planet, these roughly man-sized creatures travel in small bands, communicating with bursts of sonar pings and following the movements of their prey, the small, quick flyers called Trunk-suckers.


Barlowe writes as a sort of 24th century Audubonpresenting his findings in a collection of paintings, sketches, field notes, and diary entries from his explorations of Darwin IV.

They made first contact with Humans in the early 23rd century, finding an Earth devastated by pollution and ecological decay. This article about a s science fiction novel is a stub. The nerve of some people! This is a rather expensive book on Amazon. The only remaining facial features are two horizontal ridges, with one of them being presumably the mouth.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Do not use without permission. The notion that what we were witnessing on Darwin IV was the evolutionary equivalent to the late Cretaceous era on our own planet was never far from my mind.

The physique of an Yma is roughly humanoid, with a distinct head and four arms.