This customizable design generates custom Bahtinov masks, which are used to aid focusing telescopes during astrophotography. They are named after Paul. Bahtinov mask generator 3D models available on Trying to go to David (Farmer Dave)’s famous mask generator at is currently resulting in a DNS error. I’ve tried contacting David.

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Tough one to describe. By setting to a negative value, they start “lower,” the net effect of which is to fit more cutouts on the mask – experiment! Basic parameters Enter these three values, press Generate! The color to print a thin crosshair on the central axes of the mask.

You will then have to carefully cut out all the ‘slots’ and devise a method of attaching it to the front of your telescope for use when focussing. Retrieved 17 Bwhtinov Sketch of The Omega Centauri. In the example below, the central pattern shows good focus. The focal length of your scope, in mm.

Bahtinov Mask Generator by brentb – Thingiverse

Aperture must be a postive number. In my opinion this method is even superior to manually focusing while reading FWHM value. What is required is a more empirical approach. You can override this value below.

I’m going to give this another go with a more sturdily constructed mask. Optimal focus is achieved when the middle spike is centered between the other two spikes.

astrojargon – Bahtinov Focusing Mask Generator: Overview

Viewing a point source such as a star yields a diffraction pattern at the focal bahtinv representing the Fraunhofer diffraction transform of the aperture shape. The net result was that focusing wasn’t bahtniov any easier with the mask compared to without. If you decide the mask needs to be 20mm larger than the clear aperture, enter 10mm.

Bahtinov mask is highly superior to the Hartmann focusing mask, its predecessor, however it is more complicated to make.


Bahtinov Mask Generator by brentb Oct 4, Show Some Love – Tip brentb. I’ve also read reports on printing the mask on paper with a laser printer and then transfering it to a glass using a hot iron – method which is suitable for making a small mask for DSLR or a refractor.

Input values appropriate for your telescope, and press the Generate! In reality, all three spikes move, but the central spike moves in the opposite direction to the two spikes forming the “X”. This is because the human brain interprets geometrical shape much faster mzsk a numerical value, and is capable of evalutating its “average” position much easier. So I’m wondering if I just made it wrong, cut it out wrong, applied it wrong, or maybe DIY masks just aren’t very good generally compared to say a machined metal one.

Bwhtinov clear aperture of your scope, in millimeters. Mxsk offset mas, be an integer. Advanced parameters Tweak the settings to experiment, to adjust for differences in materials, or just for fun. I recommend that you visit Niel’s website and download his software as it seems to work very well indeed.

A focussing tool for Astro-photography. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I could but it’ll take me a while for various logistical reasons.

A MendelMax printer, with a bed width of approximately mm, is capable of printing it. You should follow the instructions written on the glue tube, which usually tell you to spread the glue on both surfaces and then let it dry for minutes before attaching them together:.

The one I made was cut from thin cardboard, like postcard thickness. The diffraction effect is similar to producing sunstar patterns in landscape photography with ordinary camera lenses, where the mechanical iris of the lens is adjusted to a small polygonal shape with sharp corners.

The central spike moves left or right relative to the diagonal “X” spikes according to focus position. You shouldn’t need to tweak this masm your slots are too narrow for cutting, in which case, divide the bshtinov by 3. Unless you feel strongly about it, leave this uchecked. This is the count of the slots in the upper- and lower-right sections.


Bahtinov mask generator 3D models

The most elegant ways of building the mask are laser cutting, CNC or even 3D printing. In my case I maek to print the mask on two pages. Posted December 18, edited.

Points for a mounting ring. Bahtinov factor must be a positive integer. And finally, adjust the size of the gaps.

bqhtinov Bahtinov Masks are unique to each telescope so to generate your own template, you will need to enter three important pieces of information into the dialogue boxes, your telescope’s focal length, aperture and outside diameter of the dew shield on a refractor or the outside diameter bautinov the front of the telescope on a reflector.

Pavel Bahtinov has kindly released his designs into the public domain so anyone with a little bit of DIY experience can make their own mask using the templates that can be downloaded from HERE.

To post a Make, come back to this Bahtinvo and click Post a Make. Correct focus is achieved batinov the centre line fits exactly in the centre of the cross as shown in the sample images below in Figure 1: Remember to come back and post what you’ve printed as Make. I’ve made the mask for my 8″ reflector using materials commonly avaliable in an office supply store.

Open center A “doughnut” is cut out of the central obstruction to fit over your secondary holder when checked. Copyright astro jargon. I have made several of these but Figure 4.

To focus your telescope or camera, first center a bright, solitary star in the view, then place the mask over the end of the telescope or camera lens.