Azab e Deed by Idrees ul Hassan – Docxun Records, released 29 May Azab – e – Deed – posted in Sher o Shairy: Azaab-e-Deed Mai Ankhain Lahoo Lahoo Ker Kay Mai Sharumsaar Howa Teri Justujo Ker Kay. Paramount Books Largest Bookseller and Publisher in Pakistan.

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If a person dies while performing this dutyhe will go on receiving his reward for his meritorious deeds perpetually, and he will be saved from Al-Fattan meaning the interrogation in the grave. What is Quran The Sunni Shia Jihad.

Both kinds of soul reside in the same places as their Records dsed deeds. Who is the man Abu Bakr deemed trustworthy while he was the opposite meaning untrustworthy? Al Quran surah 8. Who is to blame for the death of Jesus? Stone idol worshippers bury female babies alive in Mecca.

Azab E Deed By Mohsin Naqvi Pdf Download ~ Urdu Poetry

After Moses Musa repented and asked forgiveness for his sin he was made a prophet. Theirs shall be a twofold reward for what they the believing Jews and the believing Christians did in following the Torah Taurat when they were Jews or following the Gospel Injil when they were Christians and then following azxb Quran when they became Muslim and they shall live secure in the high dwellings in Paradise Jannah.


The story of the 7 sleepers in a cave is about what happens in death sleep and what people will say about death sleep when they wake up on the Day of Resurrection. Why do some Muslims kill innocent Muslims and innocent non Muslims? How to find fake hadith stories made after the death of Prophet Muhammad. Elijah showed what happens when a dewd dies.

When the soul returns, the dead person is able to hear the retreating footsteps of the men who came to bury him.

Azab E Deed By Mohsin Naqvi

Allah never removes sin by killing innocent people. The Night of Decree. The Gospel of Matthew chapters 12 – The Torah, Gospel and Quran are from one Allaah. Who said, The Quran is nothing but a lie?

The Book of Prayers. I and the Father are one. Mawlid al-Nabi,,, azzb,, Taste Deathit means its not the end. Categories Amjad Islam Amjad 5 best poetry 96 complete ghazals 12 critism poetry 47 dard poetry 15 Dosti shairy 1 Dr.

Al Quran surah This is an exception to the general rule in the Qur’an that the dead cannot hear the living. Understanding deed in the Koran.

Tujh se bhi dil-fareb hain gham rozgaar ke. When this first creation ends and all humans are resurrected into a new creation in the hereafter every resurrected human will say in Quran The key to correctly identify Hamman in Al-Quran. Btw where are you from new york. How did Allaah create the creation?


The blessed soul is taken to the heavens where it is changed into a bird and eats freely from the fruits in paradise. Stone idol worshippers said Hadhrat Muhammad is a mad man.

His mortal body will decompose and eventually disappear into the ground, but his soul will continue to feel the punishment it earned in its life on earth. Now, he believe the life after the life n the earth. Years converted to Islamic years. On the Day of Resurrection every human will testify that the time between death and resurrection felt like a one hour sleep or a sleep during a small part of one day. False hadith stories about Prophet Muhammad ordering murder by assassination are like the false hadith stories of punishment in the grave because all these stories contradict the Quran.

The dead cannot return to this earth. If punishment in the grave is true it would be in the Torah Taurat as a warning to the Jews but it is not in the Torah Taurat. AH years converted to CE years. But most of them the wrong doers do not know they may be punished in this life and in the hereafter.