Reviewer: Joël Chevassus Financial Interests: click here. Source: Esoteric K, Apple iMac Lion OSX, Squeezebox Touch + Welborne Labs PSU, Audio GD Ref . Aurender S10 Reviewers’ Choice If you aren’t familiar with the SoundStage! Network’s The World’s Best Audio System events, each is an. The Aurender S10 is a Linux based digital transport from Widealab Inc of Korea, in essence it’s a computer that is dedicated to delivering a PCM bitstream.

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If a selected song or album is already cached to the solid-state drive, the hard drive will remain asleep.

Aurender S10

Whole-house or A10 Audio. Its getting to the point that I take DSD playback for granted seeing as the majority of devices that come through here can play back DSD material but seeing as this is a new feature for the Aurender, let’s talk about it. You covered a lot of aspects users encounter and features people look for. But unless you want to use the iPad for other purposes I surely wouldyou need only a bare-bones model with Wi-Fi, not phone service, and not much memory.

I would classify the Aurender S10 aurendr being exceedingly well made with quality that reflects its price, the S10s top plate weighing more than some components.

Aurender S10 (£) – Network audio players/servers

Songs from playlists may be selected using the four buttons on the right side of the front panel display. John Howe’s Audiojumble Website. Highs and lows were well-defined and extended but oh-so-smooth.

Overall I’d rate the Aurender aurfnder as excellent and certainly one of the best I’ve had the pleasure to use. That taken care of, I found aurfnder all music sounded better through the Aurender S10 and it did so without question.


Subscribe Now 13 issues delivered to your door. To see the Device Information Display, please keep the button depressed for about three seconds until the display blinks, release the button and wait.

Moreover, desirable though it may be, an iPad is an expensive remote controller.

The Aurender does not work entirely alone, it needs a wired network connection so that it can be controlled with an iPad and so that you can load music onto it from a computer.

E10 Aurender S10 is a one-piece music server and HD storage system.

WideaLab Aurender S10 Music Server

It was not that the S10 lacked musicality, or that, in the absence of other sources, it was anything less than extremely satisfying. But, for example, when I played the Mahler, I could not fail to detect a slightly gray background around instruments and between notes.

Then its just a matter of dragging and dropping your music into the S Renew Now Dont miss an issue! To prevent jitter from temperature fluctuations, In OCXO clocks, a very stable high grade crystal oscillator is enclosed in a compartment and kept at a constant temperature.

The S10 also supports Apple’s AirPlay and gapless playback. My purpose is furthermore not exclusively linked to the Widealab model but the bigger picture of competing expensive audio-dedicated computers. So maybe the question of whether or not hi-rez recordings sound better needs further exploration.

The Christmas Music Mix.

The Aurender App is frequently upgraded to provide the latest features and improvements and can be downloaded from the App Store free of charge. The iPad connects wirelessly to the home router, and from there the router connects to the S10 via Ethernet, an increasingly popular arrangement. In addition to seeing service in TWBASmy review sample had been used at a Consumer Electronics Show — it was already well broken in and partially set up. Use buttons 4 and 5 to scroll between playlists and button 2 to select a playlist.


Monday, September 24, As Chris Connacker put it in the Computer Audiophile web pages, “the speed of computer-based hifi component evolution is inversely proportional to the time between consumer component purchases”. App Version Release Note. But the latest component to take its place on my Townshend Seismic Stand has shaken the order of things to no small degree. The other thing that became more and more apparent with longer listening is there was not even a hint of glare or digital edginess to be heard even on less than stellar recordings.

SoundStage! Hi-Fi | – Aurender S10 Music Server

To reap the most benefit from a music collection, convenience and sound quality are important. In the default mode, pressing will power the unit on and completely off. Finally came the Aurender S Thorough Submitted by bpw on March 7, – 8: Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I compared playing music from the S10’s internal storage to my NAS-based music and I preferred the S10’s internal s1. You can only browse NAS-based music in Folder view.