Simplified Technical English, ASD-STE Issue 6. Highlights. Page HI Highlights. This Issue 6 of the specification replaces all previous issues. English is the official language for technical documentation in the aerospace and defense industries. However, many end-users are confused. ASD-STE Simplified Technical English extends the concepts of plain English. ASD-STE brings engineering rigour to the English.

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For other simplified forms of English, see Simple English.

It includes a set of approximately 66 technical writing rules and a basic general vocabulary dictionary of approximately approved words for writing technical documentation. Not only would the tools help me spot the errors quickly and efficiently, tools could reduce the cognitive load that comes with writing and editing all day. So STE does not allow do not go close to the landing gearbut it does allow do not go near the landing gear.

Using tools to assist with writing I write a lot — both at work at and on this blog. It also contains a dictionary of approx.

Shufrans TechDocs » What is ASD-STE Simplified Technical English?

Injuries, losses and costly legal liabilities can occur as a result of ass documentation and ambiguous translations. The more I try to refine content, the blinder I become to it. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. The key wte100 for the creation of a controlled and simplified form of English was essentially a request from the customers i. In addition to a controlled vocabulary, the writing rules require you to use certain verb choices. Interest in STE has also increased dramatically in the areas of language services, professional translation and interpreting, as well as in the academic world.

English is the international language of science, technology and human relations.

ASD-STE official home page

Retrieved from ” https: This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat It is also the language of the aerospace and defense industry.


Which is easier to read? Academic Word List This section does not cite any sources. Check date values in: These words were chosen for their simplicity and ease of recognition. STE makes technical texts easy to understand by all readers and can be regarded as an important and valuable resource for technical writing to simplify the correct understanding of the maintenance instructions by the operators, remove linguistic barriers and reduce Human Factors risks.

What is ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English?

In addition to the specified general vocabulary, STE accepts the use of company-specific or project-oriented technical words referred to in STE as Technical Names stf100 Technical Verbsproviding that they fit into one of the categories listed in the Specification.

Use Simplified Technical English to achieve: As a consequence, today, primary texts of maintenance manuals are mostly written in STE. For example, they require writers to:. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Then, it became also a requirement for Defence projects, including Land and Sea vehicles. Northern Ireland Scotland Scottish Highlands. The synthetic lubricating oil used in this engine contains stee100 which, if allowed to come into contact with the skin for prolonged periods, can be toxic through absorption.

STE is regulated for use in the aerospace and defense industries, but other industries have used it as a ste10 for their own controlled English standards.

Etteplan, a technical services company based in Europe, Asia and North America, offers a plugin called HyperSTE that integrates with most help authoring tools. Together, this controlled language is formalized into a specification called ASD-STE, which many regulatory industries must follow to ensure clear, consistent content. The aerospace and defense standard started as an industry-regulated writing standard for aerospace maintenance documentation, but has become mandatory for an increasing number of military land vehicle, sea vehicle and weapons programs as well.

Issue 7 of the specification fully replaces all previous issues and revisions. Control of additional specific vocabularies is, of course, the responsibility of the companies or the projects themselves.

The dictionary includes entries of both approved and unapproved words. Abercraf Cardiff Gower Port Talbot. Fall could refer to a season, a decline, or about 10 other meanings.


Users of your st1e00 will benefit from higher translation qualityand mistranslations become a thing of stw100 past. Although the STE structure is stable and consolidated, the language has to be kept in line with the technology evolution and amended on the basis of the continuous and important feedback received from the users.

Complex sentence structure and the large number of meanings and synonyms that many English words have can cause confusion. Although Simplified Technical English originates from the aerospace and defence industries, it can easily be customised and applied to any st1e00 industry, including machinery, automotive, electronics, IT and medical equipment. The linguistic-based checker uses a sophisticated rule English grammar and parser, which is augmented with special functions that check for violations of the Simplified English standard.

The Writing Rules differentiate between two types of topics: It is a carefully limited and standardized subset of English.

To request your copy, please follow the instructions on the Downloads page. Kasier provides this before and after the sentence:. However, it is not often the native language of the readers of technical documentation.

In the absence of third-party endorsement or published scientific studies, such claims should be considered unconfirmed. Stay current with the latest in tech comm. Our customised STE training solutions that range from one to three training days will help you expand your knowledge of the fundamental principles of documentation managementas well sye100 highlight the importance of Simplified Technical English writing rules and terminology management to help you capitalise on your existing legacy documentation and translation memory databases.

Together, the dictionary and writing rules help writers produce clear and consistent documentation. It can be difficult to remember the words in the STE dictionary and 65 writing rules.