Entre los huesos de la 1ra. y 2da línea del tarso. Une el calcáneo al astrágalo. El cuboides al navicular. 2 articulaciones: lateral. Bóveda Plantar Antepié Arcos Longitudinales Arcos Transversales } Calcáneo- astrágalo-escafoides-primera cuña y primer metatarsiano. Articulación de Chopart o articulación mediotarsiana, formada por las que, como en el caso de Lisfranc, lleva su nombre asociado a una articulación del pie .

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Computed tomography CT was requested.

Comparing the outcomes between Chopart, lisfranc and multiple metatarsal shaft fractures. The heterogeneity and complexity of midtarsal dislocations and fracture-dislocations hampers the existence of an international consensus classification.

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These lesions tend to be underestimated but they are potentially serious Inveterate dislocations are also an indication of open reduction. Lisfranc and Chopart injuries. Definitive diagnosis after evaluation of CT images was midtarsal dislocation of the right foot with associated fracture of the anterolateral calcaneus process Nutcracker fracture and osteochondral fracture of the talar head of approximately 8 weeks of articulcaion.

Loss of joint congruence and stability in this region jeopardizes the whole function of the foot and a normal gait 7,8. The nutcracker fracture of the cuboid by indirect violence.

Palpation was painful over the navicular bone and it drew attention to the flattening of the inner arch of the foot compared to t contralateral side. Open reduction and internal fixation is the most precisely method restoring the anatomy and thus gets the best functional outcomes. Ip Ky, Lui Th.


It is composed of the condyloid talonavicular joint and the saddle-shaped calcaneocuboidal joint. Ankle and foot injuries: Chopart dislocations with associated injuries, open reduction and fracture fixation represents the best option and allow reparation of damaged capsulo-ligamentous structures. Firstly the reevaluation of emergency radiographs was performed, finding a midtarsal joint plantar dislocation and an associated calcaneal fracture liscranc had gone unnoticed Fig.

They can be pure dislocations i. We recommend using orthotic insoles providing longitudinal arch support in order to prevent loss of reduction after starting to walk. She was treated with a bandage and acetaminophen 1 gram every eight hours and was allowed ongoing support weight bearing using two crutches.

According to Klaue 10 we thought the double approach is the best way to treat these injuries by ensuring accessibility to both joints. Since then, the midtarsal joint is referred as Chopart joint. Isolated dorsal midtarsal Chopart dislocation: Past 12 months after surgery loss of reduction was chooart observed.

Foot Anatomy and Biomechanics

A study of outcome and morbidity. Case report Nineteen-year-old woman who came to our ambulatory trauma service with the diagnosis of a sprained right ankle for evolutionary control. She immediately felt local pain and swelling.

From that moment partial load bearing was allowed using an orthopedic hard-soled shoe with an orthotic medial arch support insole. J Bone Joint Surg Br ; In cases of poor outcome and at the persistence of pain will be indicated salvage procedures including osteotomies and arthrodesis. It lizfranc perfectly the calcaneocuboidal joint. That same day was attended at the Emergency Room ER and after a physical exam and X rays is diagnosed with a sprained ankle.


Articulation de Chopart

The intervention ended with the limb immobilization with a short leg cast. After careful debridement of fibrous interposed tissue in the Chopart space, congruence of talonavicular and calcaneocuboidal joints was achieved.

We hope the reported case may be lifsranc to orthopedic surgeons facing similar cases and increasing awareness about this rare but serious entity. Tibiotalar joint mobility was preserved, and no painful.

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An open reduction was performed by a double approach medial and lateral and a Kirschner wire joint stabilization. Main Bj, Jowett Rl. Routine postoperative measures include rigid immobilization and no-weight bearing for a period of six articulacoon eight weeks.