Then, Arden, perish thou by that decree;. For Greene doth Who when they shall see me sit in Arden’s seat, The text of ‘Arden of Faversham’ can be read at. Arden of Feversham. edited by Ronald Bayne. contrib. by Thomas Kyd · Project Gutenberg Release # Select author names above for additional. Title. Arden of Feversham; Arden of Feversham / Anonymous; The tragedy of Master Arden of Feversham; The lamentable and true tragedy of Master Arden of .

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Thus hoping you will let my passions penetrate, or rather impetrate mercy of your meek hands, I end. She ‘s no companion for so base a groom. May live, may love ; for what is life but love? But seeing I cannot, therefore let him die. I texf but finally take heart to say, even in the absence of all external or traditional testimony, that it seems to me not pardonable merely or permissible, but simply logical and reasonable, to set down this poem, a young man’s work on the face of it, as the possible work of no man”s youthful hand but Shakespeare’s.

Why, what is he?

You deal too mildly with the peasant. Make me partaker of thy pensiveness: See his dissevered joints and sinews torn, Whilst on the planchers pants his oof body, Smeared in the channels of his lustful blood. A woman’s love is as the lightning-flame.


We need not speculate on Holinshed’s sources. Ay, Mistress Arden, this will serve the turn, In case we fall into a second fog. I am the very man, Marked in my birth-hour by the destinies. My ardeen itches to be at the peasant. We know only of The Complaint. The question of the text’s authorship has been analyzed at length, but with no decisive conclusions.

Do so, and let us presently take horse ; My life for yours, ye shall do well enough. Stand to it, ShakelDag, and be resolute.

Arden of Feversham

Draw, Shakebag, for here ‘s that villain Michael. He is coming from Shorlow as I understand ; Here I ’11 intercept him, for at his house He never will vouchsafe to speak with me. Zounds, here’s a coil! Or else be stolen ; therefore I ’11 stay behind. Ay, God he knows, and so doth Will and Shakebag, That thou shalt never go further than that down ; And therefore have I pricked the horse on purpose, Because I would not view the massacre.

And I ’11 make her dowry more than I ’11 talk of, Clarke. Wilt thou not hear?

By my faith, sir, you say true. The Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity. In its making this edition prompts confidence from its users.

Arden of Faversham

Why, then let us go, and tell her all the matter, And plat the news to cut him off to-morrow. This mist, my friend, is mystical.


That I am tied to him by marriage. What ‘mends shall I have for my broken head? Ay, such kind husbands seldom want excuses ; Home is a wild cat to a wandering wit. Ay, but they be not past with me, for I keep that same honourable mind still. Thou hast been sighted as the eagle is. I shall find a fellow That can both write and read and make rhyme too. Here enters Arden and Franklin and hears Michael read this letter. I had a glimpse of him and his companion.

Full text of “Arden of Feversham”

Go to, sirrah, there is a chance in it ; this sauci- ness in you will make you be knocked. No ; this were a fine world for chandlers, if this weather would last ; for then a man should never dine nor sup without candle-light. And then — conceal the rest, for ’tis too bad, Lest that my words be carried with the wind, And published in the world to both our shames. And heard as quickly as the fearful hare, And spoke as smoothly as an orator, When I have bid thee hear or see or speak, 56 Arden of Feversham act hi.

His name is Black Will. A great fever, Clarke.