Anti-ulcer therapeutics has wider market globally citing the fact of prevalence of .. Anti-ulcer, Antibacterial [23] Tippani Allophylus serratus Leaves Antiulcer [24] . This study has presented the review of commonly used anti-ulcer plants which are Allophylus serratus Kurz is commonly known as Tippani. ulcer healing property of Ocimum sanctum, Allophylus serratus, Desmodium We have highlighted some of the important plants reported for their anti-ulcer and .

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Is there a potential for the development of new drugs? The cellular and molecular basis of gastric mucosal defense. The action of propolis against microorganisms represents the most essential pharmaceutical characteristic, for which it has been used by human beings since ancient times The size of between aggressive factors gastric acid and pepsin and Peptic ulcer may range from several millimeters to several defensive antiulccer gastric mucus, bicarbonate, centimeters.

Mechanism of herpes simplex virus type 2 suppression by propolis extracts. Therefore, the major source of triterpenoids is terrestrial vegetation Zeitschrift Naturforschung C, Pressure ulcer [12] Figure 5: NSAIDs play an important role in the pathogenesis.

Thus as the name supply is restricted at the specific region, it will hamper the suggests, its diabetic foot ulcer. Cytotoxic, hepatoprotective and free radical scavenging effects of propolis from Brazil, Peru, the Netherlands and China. Structure-activity relationships of oleanane- and ursane-type triterpenoids.


These compounds exert cytoprotective actions through increased mucosal blood flow; increased mucus, bicarbonate and prostaglandin secretion and enhancement of the in vivo antioxidant status 74 – Skip to main content. The damage can be to the extent of bleeding, which is commonly known as bleeding sore. Phytochemical analysis and biological evaluation of selected African propolis samples from Cameroon and Congo.

In recent years, a remarkable number of studies have reported many advances made in the chemical and pharmacological studies of medicinal plant s and other natural products as well as therapeutically active compounds obtained from propolis. Author strongly believes in maintaining proper balanced diet to ward off or restrict the occurrence of ulcer in humans.

Ulcer types known till now are towards the elderly and with an aging population this trend Pressure ulcers, Genital ulcers, Ulcerative dermatitis itis is likely to continue.

Current knowledge and proposed mechanisms. Bhatnagar M, Sisodia S S. The method of Shay et al.

Allophylus serratus: a plant with potential anti-ulcerogenic activity.

Genital ulcer disease [online]. Glycerol has been detected in a good number of propolis samples from different regions around the world for example in Turkish propolis, Canadian propolis and Brazilian geopropolis 5255 It is very important for disease complications.


Phytother Res, 16 1: No matter how much https: Traditionally plants have allopjylus only provided food and shelter for mankind, but have also been used to cure many different ailments These are the main strategies to come up with proper diagnosis of ulcer. Gastric toxicity and mucosal ulceration induced by oxygen-derived reactive species: The first drugs along with antibiotics.

alllophylus A number of chemical constituents are responsible for these pharmacological activities of propolis. In addition, the cytoprotective actions of phenolic compounds and triterpenes are well known.

Positive control rats received sucralfate in place of the extract. If found the treatment would include antiulcer accidental experiments or chance discoveries.

Allophylus serratus: a plant with potential anti-ulcerogenic activity.

Absolute ethanol-induced gastric lesions: Commercial phytochemicals with bioactive properties. It is also exploited for its medicinal uses to treat tooth ache, stomach disorders, gastritis and sore throat by chewing directly. Valuable medicinal plants and resins: Lipid peroxidation was assessed by measuring the levels of malondialdehyde