One of the most salt and drought tolerant palms, Allagoptera arenaria, or seashore palm, is a beautiful tropical palm from the coastal regions of Brazil. Based on. Common Name: Coast Palm. Allagoptera arenaria. Cultivated plant in Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Florida, USA Photograph by: Carl E. lewis. Image credit . Seashore palm, Beach palm. Atlantic coast of Brazil, from Bahia to Sao Paulo.

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The seashore palm is cultivated extensively in South America for the edible fruits which are eaten fresh or made into a drink or jam. Arecaceae ar-ek-AY-see-ee Info Genus: It is one of the most salt tolerant palms, and does well grown right on the beach. Atlantic coast of Brazil, from Bahia allagopptera Sao Paulo.

Allagoptera arenaria is one of the best palms for beach and coastal situations in subtropical and tropical aallagoptera. It is also one of the few palms that do great along the beach communities here in So Cal as the salt air doesn’t seem to hurt it any.

Sea Palm, Dwarf Palm, Restinga Palm

Retrieved from ” https: Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Davesgarden. Resistence to wind Depending on the species palms may suffer damage due to persistent or strong winds. A small palm to about 2m 6 ft with a branching, subterranean trunk.

This arenaris that rare find that gives us inlanders a chance A first class website. They have also added “fake” alien plants and the blend is seamless. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This is one of the most salt tolerant palms there are and does well grown right on the beach. It can also be propagated arwnaria underground stools rhizomes. The leaves of the seashore palm emerge right out of the ground from a subterranean trunk that is rarely visible, and grow in a swirling pattern, spreading out on different and seemingly random planes.


Last update on Pruning requierements Some palms only retain those leaves which are no longer functional for a short time, soon dropping them and thus not requiring pruning. Special thanks to Palmweb. It dislikes constantly soggy soils.

Queen palms planted in the same area grow allagophera poorly, but this little palm thrived.

Allagoptera arenaria | Palms trees | Allagoptera arenaria

Bismarckia nobilis, most of these were ft tall and several were green forms”. Botanic name Name first recorded for the palm, genus and species, followed by the abbreviation of the specialist who described it.

The detail of this park is just incredible. The leaves emerge right out of the ground from a subterranean trunk that is rarely visible, and arenara in a swirling pattern, spreading out on different and seemingly random planes. Common names Local names used for this palm.

The female flowers and the fruits that follow are borne in distinct spirals. It grows in coastal strand, just above the high tide mark, and is widely cultivated as an ornamental throughout South America.

It will survive in rather heavy shade but “stretches” to lose aklagoptera compact shape. Drought resistance In this guide, the palm species are classified according to their drought resistance and tolerance to dry environments.

Rarely does it brown tip, even if watered with poor quality city water. This is a very short, stemless palm original from the SE Brazil. Minimum temperature Minimum temperature at which an adult plant can survive the winter. Other palms have flowers of both sexes on different plants dioicous plants. Membership Bookstore Latest Help Links. This palm is very drought tolerant once established. Although it produces fruits and seeds consistently, the main way of reproduction is through underground stools.


Genera Palmarum – Evolution and Classification of the Palms. Flowers look sort of like corn-cobs on a long stick peduncle.

It has arched pinnate leaves, spineless, that are bright green above and silver below. Keep the seed moist at all times.

John Dransfield Image credit to Palmweb. Views Read View source View history. Diameter of the plant Width or diameter to which the crown on the palm may grow when it is an adult. Retrieved from ” http: Usually not a arenariia Maintenance: A Guide to Identification and Cultivation.

The seashore palm grows easily inland as well!

Allagoptera arenaria

Detailed Scientific Description Palm 1. Photo by Kyle Wicomb. This is in the new 14 acre Pandora section.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Others are aloagoptera good choice providing humidity and light are not poor. As a seedling, A. About three years ago I decided to try to remove it from the distant hill area to put it closer to the house where it could be seen and admired more often.