ALAN LIGHTMAN. EINSTEIN’S DREAMS. Alan Lightman was born in Memphis,. Tennessee, in and educated at. Princeton and at the California Institute. A modern classic, Einstein’s Dreams is a fictional collage of stories dreamed by Albert Einstein in , about time, relativity and physics. As. “Einstein’s Dreams,” by Alan Lightman, strives to be a kind of post-modern hybrid of science writing and fantasy. It stands partly in the tradition.

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No one calls any more, noone meets him for supper or beer at thetavern, no one invites him to theirhome. For it is only habit andmemory that dulls the physical passion. Besso sees Einstein now and wisheshe could help, but of course Einsteindoes not need help. Einstsin could be universal andnot be divine.

A. Lightman – Einstein’s Dreams – [PDF Document]

When it is time to return home at theend of the day, each person consults hisaddress book to learn where he lives. Parents are not the source of cer-tainty.


And it is these doubleunfortunates who give the only signthat time is a circle. Hislife is divided into hasty episodes, wit-nessed by few.

Einstein’s Dreams – Wikipedia

In spring, peoplefuriously lay waste to their houses. It is the month ofDecember, and a fire blazes in the fire-place with the white marble mantel. Many are not content simply to loc-ate their homes on a mountain. The fu-ture is pattern, organization, union, in-tensification; the past, randomness,confusion, disintegration, dissipation. She hears voices, music.

Tiny sounds from the city driftthrough the room. A alzn lyingon her couch with wet hair, holding thehand of a man she will never see again.

Where are they now, as he sits at hisbedside table, listening to the sound ofhis running bath, vaguely perceivingthe change in the light. Should he goto the womans house in Fribourg?

In this world, a life is planned bylight. In fact, this is a world without future. Others gallop recklessly into thefuture, without preparation for the rap-id sequence of passing events.

Whenher son knocks at the door, she doesnot answer. Will you be all right? The mother sees that boyishlaugh, caught in candlelight throughthe leaded windows of the restaurant,and she is certain that no time haspassed, that her son, her child, belongswith her at home. In time, there arean infinity of worlds.


Seminole County Florida

In this world, time flowsbackward. Where the pightman times go their sep-arate ways, contentment. The admirals wife says yes but lookspuzzled. They would rather have aneternity of contentment, even if thateternity were fixed and frozen, like abutterfly mounted in a case.

The man andwoman press closer together. Afterwards, she will takehim to her apartment. Indeed, hasty actions breed mistakes. He lies in bed and stares at her emptily.

A. Lightman – Einstein’s Dreams

Without reason, his friends have aban-doned him. They take pleasure in reading whatevermagazines are open, or rearranging fur-niture in their homes, or slipping intoconversation the way a leaf falls from atree.

Sheis manipulative and judgmental, andshe could make his life miserable. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. While a goodbye is said,cities crumble and are forgotten.