Abu al-Hasan Ali Ibn Muhammad Ibn Habib al-Mawardi known in Latin as Alboacen ( CE), was an Islamic jurist of the Shafi’i school most remembered for his works on religion, government, the caliphate, and public and constitutional law during a time of political turmoil. the Mu’tazila school of thought, the great (orthodox) Shafi’i jurist al-Subki (d. Al-Mawardi’s main political thought is embodied in his. Al-Ahham al-Sultaniyah. Only a small portion of the work is however devoted to political theory, the rest of . Mawardi, Abu al-Hasan al-. (d. ). Shafii jurist who wrote the most significant classical theoretical explanation of public law in relation to political theory.

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But al-Mawardi was not very concerned about theory. The difference between the Wazir and the Imam himself is that the Wazir of Delegation is not empowered to appoint anyone as his successor and the Imam, the highest authority; can dismiss the officers appointed by him. The second civil war of Muslims was fought by the Umayyads, the Hashimites, and the Zubairites under the same pre-text.

It paved way for further research. The electoral college shall consist of persons with the special qualifications: Imam must be male Muslims. The dispensation of justice and disposal of all litigations in accordance with the Shari-ah.

Muslim Political ThoughtAl-Mawardi – CSS Forums

He did not discuss the meaning, scope, jurisdiction, and obligations of the State, gave no conception of thoubht, and were completely ignorant of the idea of a constitutional democracy. Al-Mawardi is not only to enumerate qualities for the office of the qazi but enumerates his powers and functions: He ignores artificial factors like age, Property and residence etc but those who can distinguish between good and bad, between right and wrong and between the wise and poise.


The institute of Imamate is necessary as a requirement of the Shariah and not as a requirement of reason. Moreover, he assembled his ideas in writing; therefore his book Al-Ahkam at-Sultaniyah became a standard work of reference on political and administrative practices. Imam is a natural need of a state to organize the society and to solve mutual differences. Al-Mawardi holds that there is complete consensus on this point in the Muslim community.

Elected by the majority of the electorates or.

The enforcement of criminal code of Holy Quran to ensure that the people do not outrage the prohibitions of God, and that the fundamental rights of men are not violated. Al-Mawardi fairly discusses the different opinions of the jurists whether or not the Caliph is entitled to designate one of his sons or relations as his successor and whether he acts legally in doing so. He is to decide within the limits of Shariah.

Thursday, June 23, He stresses the importance of hadiths but he also says that some elements invented hadiths just to serve their personal case and to destroy unity among the muslims. He may be nominated by the ruling Imam In the first case some scholars hold that Imam must be elected by all the members of the Electoral College in all the cities; thokght oppose this view and say that Caliph Abu Bakr was elected by polifical citizens of Medina.

Al-Mawardi is of the view that the office of imam established after the pouse caliphs. With the passage of time Itihad was also introduced. He suggests that there must be a test among the talented citizens to select effective judges.


Wahaba”For al-Mawardi the caliphate symbolized an entire politico-religious system that regulates the lives of men in a Muslim community to the smallest detail. His theory of rebellion is not quite obvious.

Al-Mawardi says only male are allowed to be imam of an Mzwardi state. The refutation of this dogma was essential to establish the above doctrine.

Although Al-Mawardi was not a political philosopher and he did not the basics of the constitution but his theory of caliphate is of prime importance. The person referred to is none politicla Mahmud of Ghaznah. His powers, pen and name is of prime importance. The person who feels fear cannot prove himself a good leader.

Saturday, 19 May Al-Mawardi. From religious point of view, wasiah is of prime importance.

Edinburgh Research Archive

Mawardi, Abu al-Hasan al- d. The safeguard and defence of the established principles of religion as understood and propounded by the consensus of ancient authorities. Slave, even if they are free, are not allowed. So also an Imam cannot be deposed until a similar change occurs in him. There is no capacity of two imams at the same time.

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He explained various case of the invention of baseless hadiths i. The salient features of the institutions of Imamate: Garnet Publishing,xv. He should preach Islam.