Dhamma Talks by Ajahn Brahmavamso. Stream or Download. 31 Inspiring Talks. Anger & Forgiveness, (Download MP3), 18MB. Contentment. With gentle humor and inspiring stories, Ajahn Brahm shared his profound insights about practice and how to live one’s life with respect, love and compassion. The latest Tweets from Ajahn Brahm Talks (@BrahmTalks). Buddhist talks and news from Spiritual Director of Buddhist Society of Western Australia and abbot.

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With no preparation they find breath meditation so difficult, even impossible, and give up in frustration. Previously Ajahn Brahm talked on the topic Buddhism and Dogs. It is the mind manifesting, it is not a light, but for most it appears like a light, it is perceived as a light, because this imperfect description is the best that perception can offer.

Please note this week Brahm was not in the BSWA and this talk is from the year and published here for the first time. It appears only after the fifth stage of the meditation, after the meditator has been with the beautiful breath for a long time; It appears ajah the breath disappears; It only comes when the external five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are completely absent; It bbrahm only in the silent mind, when descriptive thoughts inner speech are totally absent; It is strange but powerfully attractive; and It is a beautifully simple object.

Remember, and this is important, Jhanas are states of letting go, incredibly deep states of contentment. I will not leave this life until I have established the bhikkhu sangha, bhikkhuni sangha, laymen, and laywomen Buddhists: Let all of the past go and you have the ability to be free in ajayn present moment.


Then you can let barhm go. Now, do you understand the simile? Trust the Dhamma and let the Jhana warmly embrace you for an effortless, body-less and ego-less, blissful experience that will be the most profound of your life.

Ajahn Brahm Dhamma Talk – The Happiness of Peace | Oxford Insight Meditation

All day Wednesday, all day Thursday, and still nothing to show for all the hard work. The will is frozen, and this can appear scary to the tzlks. Even in meditation we are not getting results due to our craving for stages that we have heard of. Sun Solving difficulties and problems in Meditation. Ajahn Brahm talk on the subject of Human Resources and the use of Buddhist principles in taks with people.

Listen to Venerable Ajahn Brahm | Listen to Ajahn Brahm’s New Talks

Retrieved 29 December It did not come back. A good scientist only assesses the experiment at the end, when all the data are in. In the way that I teach meditation, I like to begin at the very simple stage of giving up the baggage of past and future. Babies do not come in to this world empty minded. He is currently working with monks and nuns of all Buddhist traditions in the Australian Sangha Association. So he stayed another day, tqlks pain got worse so he wanted to go home again.

It is the inner speech that brahmm the delusions that cause suffering.

Dying, Death and Beyond. Our memory is untrustworthy. Usually, the higher Jhanas persist for many hours.


Meditation is the way to achieve letting go. You can bury it, just as you bury a tals who has died. The mind experiences a deepening of contentment.

Ajahn Brahm

He won a scholarship to study theoretical physics [3] at Emmanuel CollegeUniversity of Cambridge in the late s. The first meditation teacher I had told me something that then sounded quite strange.

On the First Friday Ajahn shares his experience and guide you to the deep state of bodyless mind and the happiness and joy of freedom enjoyable at the present moment, to teach you to relax and get a taste of this bliss of freedom. Sat The Path of Meditation.

This is, in fact, one and the same experience perceived from different perspectives. The pain could just disappear in a moment. Buddhist Meditation the way to Wisdom. You may imagine your mind to be a host at a party, ajahh the guests as they come in the door. We are freeing ourselves of some of these concerns, perceptions and thoughts that limit us and which stop us from developing the peace born of letting go.

In all types of mysticism and in many traditions, this is known as the path to the pure and powerful mind.

This means directing your energy just at the right places and sustaining it there until its task is completed.