Combat A concise pamphlet entitled âCombat Kitâ â designed as a quick reference book when conversing with Christian preachers. AIDS AND HOMOSEXUALITY: The Holy Bible gives the cause of this cancer and blight: ” Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the. A year ago you wrote a booklet called “Combat Kit” in which you accused the Bible of containing vulgarities. Unfortunately you have stooped very low in the way.

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This all in one Combat Kit removes supercilious, contemptuous and disdainful Christians from your homes and puts back the sunshine in your doorway. A must have for deeedat Muslims who encounter Bible Thumpers.

What is His name? Download What is His name. Download Christ in Islam.

Download Crucifixion or Crucifiction. Did the central figure of the Christian faith really rise from the dead?


Download Resurrection or Resuscitation. What was the Sign of Jonah?

Download What was the Sign of Jonah. Download Who moved the Stone. In this book Mr.

Combat : Ahmed Deedat : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Deedat examines and analyses the criteria by which greatness is measured in individuals. The books also includes the unbiased and inspiring quotations of Soldiers and Civilians, of Critics and Admirers, of Westerners and Easterners, of Christians, Jews and Hindus, and of Scholars and Laypeople.

Download Muhammed The Greatest. In this book Ahmed Deedat expounds Biblical prophesies about Muhummed p. Arabs and Israel — Conflict or Conciliation?

Letter to Ahmed Deedat in response to “Combat Kit”

In this book Sheikh Ahmed Deedat investigates several topics, including the following: Download Arabs and Israel — Conflict or Conciliation. Mercy is a quality loved by God. God is perfect; hence the mercy of God is also perfect.

The natural instinct of man tends to be merciful. True bliss and harmony can only be achieved when the heart is filled with correct faith, a body that performs good deeds and a soul which overflows with love, kindness and mercy.


After many years researching Islam and Christianity, I felt the need to compile a book which deals with the mercy of God, as well as the concept of salvation from an Islamic and Christian perspective.

Combat Kit

Most Christians rely on ransomed blood for their salvation and Muslims rely on the concept of worshipping one God i. Connect with us Facebook Twitter YouTube. Christ In Islam Author: Who moved the Stone?

WW Download Who moved the Stone.

Ahmed Deedat Servant of Islam Description: What the Bible says about Muhummed p.