Patricia Carroll OCSO draws our attention to Aelred of Rievaulx, a Cistercian saint and spiritual writer who specialised in writing about friendship as an image of. Spiritual Friendship has ratings and 39 reviews. Sally said: This short book was written in the form of a dialog between the author, Aelred ( He saw that his reluctance to part from his friends at court, delayed his adopting his monastic calling. For Aelred, the source.

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Aelred gives us an opportunity to ponder questions such as these. Notably, Aelred treats these exclusions not morally but practically. It proves itself a true companion in all things, adverse and prosperous, joyful and sad, pleasant and bitter, beholding with the same eye the humble and the lofty, the poor and the rich, the strong and the weak, the healthy and the infirm. He pf speaks to those who spend hours exploring and probing the human need for intimacy, for deep human relationships frkendship on self-disclosure and mutual acceptance, because he provides us with a Christo-centric view of these relationships.

Aelred of Rievaulx

Qualities of friendship In his third series aelerd conversations, Aelred describes the qualities which should be found in a spiritual friend, in ourselves or the other. My library Help Advanced Book Search. I will be keeping my copy, and will use it as a guide to become a worthy friend. He has rievauulx, moreover, for so his eternal reason has directed, that peace encompass all his creatures and society unite them; and thus all creatures obtain from him, who is supremely and purely one, some trace of that unity.

Kf rhetorical dialogue Aelred highlights spiritual friendship apart from carnal and worldly friendship through which he offers a Christology. The work itself is divided up into three smaller books and all are written in the form risvaulx a conversation between monks. Set as a philosophical dialogue, it was certainly dry reading–but with such great gems hidden within.

Changed the way I see friendships. In a time of change, when self-awareness was an asset, Aelred was by family and birth intimately connected with the still vital traditions of the past, while in politics and religion he was identified with all that was new.

The Prologue begins with the speaker describing his time at school, where “the charm of my companions gave me the greatest pleasure. Aelred was born in HexhamNorthumbriain[1] one of three sons spirritual Eilaf, priest of St Andrew’s at Hexhamhimself a son of another Eilaf, treasurer of Durham.


Nothing seemed sweeter to me, nothing more pleasant, nothing more valuable than to be loved and to love.

Mar 29, Karl Steel rated it liked it Shelves: Aelred of Rievalux work on Spiritual Friendship presents the most noble presentation of friendship I have ever read. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Aelred is Master of Novices at Rievaulx. Reminiscent of his treatment of the created order in Speculum Caritatis41, Aelred concludes that the source of friendship reflects what it is: It is a library book, not a lazy-boy book – so let’s set it on a desk between our elbows, take a pencil in hand, and let this book teach us some new questions. For what can one say about Friendship that is more sublime, more truthful, more useful, than that friendship will be shown to be formed in Christ, advanced according to Christ, and perfected by Christ?

SPCK,p His works exhorted chastity among the unmarried and widowed, and fidelity within marriage – condemning sexual relationships and activity outside marriage as sinful. Spiritual Friendship by Aelred of Rievaulx. This fresh new translation makes the work crisply readable, allowing the intellectual and Christian insight of this great Cistercian teacher and writer to speak clearly to today’s seekers of love, wisdom, and truth.

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Jul 23, Noah Moerbeek rated it it was amazing. That Aelred chooses the reveal the understanding of his life as friendships in the genre of dialogue, imitating Cicero, and often considered a humorous literary medium in the twelfth centurycommunicates to this reader a wonderful symmetry between literary style and aelre meaning of the text as applied to the context of the cloister.

Spiritual Friendship – Aelred of Rievaulx – Google Books

We carry our friend with us in the deepest part of our being where God is found. A great 12th Century treatise on friendship, introduced by my former friendshpi and current department chair. Having not researched it before hand, it wasn’t what I expected, but good none-the-less. Spiritual Friendship is today the best known and perhaps most influential of the thirteen surviving works of Aelred, abbot of the great English Cistercian abbey of Rievaulx from — This would be reasonable enough as it would seem to make enormous demands on the persons involved, and there are relatively few who will be able or ready to allow us enter the inner sanctuary of their heart.


However, David became king inwhen Aelred was 14, and in his lament for David Aelred says he had known David “from the beginning of his age,” which might well imply that Aelred had been at the court from around rievqulx Despite all challenges, the frieneship of true friendship are worth the effort. Patricia Carroll OCSO draws our attention aaelred Aelred of Rievaulx, a Cistercian saint and spiritual writer who specialised in writing about friendship as an image of the relationship between God and each person.

Retrieved from ” https: It appears Walter Daniel is encouraged to write this biography by a senior Freindship to undermine criticism that in life Aelred was an ambitious person seeking likeability. She is associate editor of Cistercian Studies Quarterly.

Oct 21, Fr. Cistercian Writings of the Twelfth Century [London: Spirituality of love Aelred did not write in an historical vacuum. This new edition provides an especially good introduction, extensive bibliography of sources, rievxulx and secondary studies and a crisp, new translation.

This is a spiritual classic on possibly my favorite topic – human relationships.

Aelred died in the winter of —7, probably on 12 January [17] at Rievaulx. Braceland, was professor of classics and dean at Ignatius College, Guelph Canadauntil in becoming professor of classics and dean of arts and sciences at St.

He refers to this friendship as a very holy sort of charity.

This is the kind of book to meditate on and come back to. Paul’s College, the University of Manitoba. Aelred was a twelfth century English Cistercian monk, who […]. Wouldn’t you be happier with another person, even if you didn’t speak his language?

Spiritual Friendship is one to keep handy as a reference for life, and is written is conversation style.