Twelve months ago, I began a column for Dazed & Confused, looking toward Now upon us, this year completes the 5,year Long. Daniel Pinchbeck, with psychedelic help, foresees a future shock. “” pushes the baggie a little further and “advances a radical theory. The acclaimed metaphysical epic that binds together the cosmological phenomena of our time, ranging from crop circles to quantum theory to the resurgence.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The Return of Quetzalcoatlchronicles Mayan and Hopi prophecies, [9] and follows Pinchbeck’s travels and travails as he picnhbeck to leads, both physical and intellectual, he receives via this forum.

With the ideological landscape swept clean by Nietzsche’s general refutation of the modern Western worldview Pinchbeck finds support for his unorthodox metaphysics in Jung’s concepts of the collective unconscious and the universal mythical archetypes, from the uncertainty principle of quantum theory, which renders objective knowledge completely illusory, and from fellow psychedelic explorer and writer Terence McKenna, among many others.

He didn’t convince me with his various theories, but I did think that maybe hoaxers weren’t responsible for all of the circles.

If I had wanted to read a memoir by an anti-monogamy commitment phobic, I would have picked up a book with the title “Why I Hate Women,” because this is the ultimate subject of this anti-feminist screed masquerading as current events non-fiction.

Pinchbeck has deep personal roots in the New York counterculture of the s and s. He is a co-founder of the web magazine, Reality Sandwichand Evolver. Chris rated it really liked it Jul 22, He’s a competent writer and pretty intelligent, though he’s no Terrence Mckenna. The gatekeepers of academic orthodoxy predictably will raise flags of “pseudoscience” and other charges of blasphemy for his sparing and often dismissive allusions to mainstream scholarly research as he pursues more fertile sources of the unthinkable.


Daniel Pinchbeck – Wikipedia

Joyce Johnson mother Peter Pinchbeck father. Before reading this book, I assumed it would be an embarrassing read, aimed at forwarding some sort of New Age agenda, or perhaps a dry treatise on a manifestation of apocalypse ideology in popular culture.

A result not just of study but also of participation, “” tells the tale of a single man in whose trials we ultimately recognize our pinchheck hopes and anxieties about modern life. Man made wrath will be wrought, we must first suffer the travails of our technological excess to grasp the valuable lesson on the other side. Pinchbecks book however spends very little time on the Maya Calander, its in there alright, but along with more New Age mumbo jumbo than you would think could fit in daniell the book is semi-autobiographical, semi-philosophical and at times semi-polemical, if I were to review the book in one sentence that sentence would be “a steaming pile of po-mo New Age bullshit.

While some of the people he speaks to when visiting Glastonbury are adamant that the formations are entirely man-made, a belief the media is more than happy to propagate, Pinchbeck feels an overpowering energy when he steps inside them himself while other experts point out that many of the shapes created suggest geometric solutions not found in any textbooks.

Stellium Astrology rated it liked it Mar 08, The various tribal societies that Pinchbeck has encountered have clearly had a profound influence on his way of thinking. Pinchbeck was featured in the video Entheogen: EntheogensMayanismNew-age philosophyecologytechnology.


In an afterword to the paperback edition, he states how he included all this personal detail to ‘invoke a deep enough response in readers that if might incite a shift in perspective’.

All the while, he’s having relationship problems with his ‘partner’. Treamo rated it it was ok Aug 23, It appears that he wants to join the psychedelic pantheon and have his name amongst the greats Wilson, Leary, Huxley, McKenna, Kesey, etc.

Daniel Pinchbeck

He states a want for a “rationally organised post work society” and at times is critical of capitalism, ideas I agree with in a very broad sense, the problem however is that he doesn’t offer any solutions beyond psycho-spiritualist silliness.

Humanity, every sign pointed, is precariously balanced between greater self-potential and pichbeck disaster.

And in the midst of his travelogue, he waxes eloquent on the topics of research for his book. This is a book about metaphysics, which I found eerily fascinating.

Mar 14, Annie rated it really liked it.

Anna rated it it was amazing Sep 09, The Return of Quetzalcoatl. Published May 4th by Tarcher first published Retrieved 23 October I was hoping for some explanation and defense of Mayan cosmology–though not really expecting it–or of McKenna’s “time-line zero” theory, which I’d always thought was crazy despite my sffection for McKenna.

2012: The Year Of The Mayan Prophecy

Pinchbeck was a founder of the s literary magazine Open City with fellow writers Thomas Beller and Robert Bingham. Archived from the original on 8 November pinchbedk I giggled a little bit at that image. Debs Hutchin rated it liked it Apr 19,